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What Are The Performance Characteristics Of The Gauge? 2

Apr. 04, 2019 Share:

Here is China Crane Rail Manufacturer talking about What are the performance characteristics of the gauge.

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4. The data shows clear: the use of new luminescent materials OLED, even in strong sunlight, the measurement data display is still clear, intuitive, use the instrument at night or in the tunnel, its characteristics are particularly prominent.

5. Wide temperature range: -30 ° C ~ +55 ° C temperature range, to meet the requirements of this product in most areas of China.

6. Inspection and calibration are fast: the meter only needs to calibrate the gauge once, you can complete.

7. Acoustic prompt: In the measurement state, press the OK button. At this time, the buzzer will make a relatively long “di...” and enter the locked state. Pressing the OK button again will give a relatively short “di” "At this point, the data enters an unlocked state.

8. Power-saving function: No operation within five minutes, automatically turn off the screen display, enter the power-saving state, pull the drive grip to re-enter the measurement state, if it enters the power-saving state, the drive grip is not pulled within five minutes, the system automatically To shut down, press the button to turn it on.

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