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Maintenance Knowledge Of Fish Plate

Dec. 01, 2018 Share:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the railway, many parts are needed. These parts play an important role. The rail fish plate is a kind of connecting fastener used for the connection between the track and the track. It is an important part of the track. How should we maintain the fish plate?

First, we must use the fish bolt produced by the supporting manufacturers to improve the performance. Secondly, when assembling the fishtail plate connecting rod cover, force the wrench to tighten and tighten according to the specified standard.

There is also a secondary maintenance for every 12000km of operation. The engine oil sump should be removed when servicing the fishplate bolts. Check the engine bushing usage. If the clearance is too large, replace it immediately. Replace it at the same time. The connecting rod of the fishplate bolt should be replaced. If you find that the operation is not stable and there is abnormal noise during normal operation, you should check it in time.

Doing a good job of maintenance can not only guarantee its service life but also ensure the performance of use, and it is safe for railway driving safety.

Fish Plate

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