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Scheme For Controlling Warpage And Deformation Of Old Sleepers In Use Of Rails

Feb. 13, 2019 Share:

Here is China Standard Heavy Steel Rail Manufacturer talking about Old Sleepers In Use Of Rails. 

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They're environmentally friendly and they're able to reflect the architectural capabilities. But once used for quite a while, it's inevitable that the anti-corrosion sleeper is going to probably be deformed or warped. When it occurs, it may influence the design of the gear, and the entire building might be damaged. So, the way to manage the practice of processing anti-corrosion sleepers can efficiently prevent this dilemma? Let's have a look together.

The pressure therapy method should have ideal factory gear. There are 3 types of typically used anti-corrosion sleeper pressure therapy approaches: whole injection procedure (for treating timber with sodium fluoride water-soluble preservative) and also semi-quantitative injection procedure (for curing Korean walnut, Larch, etc.) and qualitative injection procedure (for processing masson pine, lavender, etc. ) ).

In 12 atmospheres; following the appropriate oil pressure is preserved, the tank is evacuated along with the atmosphere or steam within the timber of this anti-corrosion sleeper flows. At this moment, the strain is put on the thickness of the timber by the strain. The benefit is that the timing is brief, the output signal is great, the quality is great, along with the preservative is stored. On the other hand, the drawback is the gear investment is excellent and have to maintain the mill with great gear requirements.

The following measures can be taken when warping and deformation of the anti-corrosion sleeper:

1. Use the diameter saw blade as much as possible, that is, the plate with an angle of 45°-90° with the annual ring direction. It can be seen from the lateral warping deformation of the wood that the diameter saw blade is only the size shrinkage, and the warpage deformation is very small. 

2. In precisely the exact same manner, beginning from the line shrinkage rate of these shrub species itself, the timber using a comparatively little shrinkage ratio is chosen to decrease the shrinkage of the timber; additionally, the warping deformation of the timber using a large width of the chain diameter is bigger, although this concept hasn't yet Acquired by scholars, but realized by the majority of scholars.

3. Paint and other protective layers to reduce moisture from the air from invading the timber, since the timber hygroscopicity of Hunan anti-corrosion sleeper is associated with its size, therefore it needs to be painted so much as you can, but the spine doesn't require wear-resistant materials. It's also suggested to apply.

4. Once that the wood is soaked in warm water, it's then dried in a higher temperature and higher humidity. Even though it costs money, it's suggested for a few specialists. It's said that the timber of this anti-corrosion sleeper has dimensional stability after drying.

I will describe it to you now. When you have a look at the anti-corrosion sleeper as soon as you've read the anti-corrosion sleeper, then we'll supply you with quality services and specialist products. 

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