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Heart of the Staff Suffering to Comfort and Send Coolness

Jul. 28, 2023 Share:

Since the beginning of the summer, the temperature of the heat continues to climb, Hebei Yongyang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. effectively safeguards the occupational safety and health rights and interests of employees, and conveys the company's keen concern and care for the staff, the chairman and general manager of the group company personally arranged and deployed the summer safety production and labor protection work, and guided each unit to implement the measures of preventing summer heat and ensuring the safety of the staff during the summer.

In accordance with the group company leadership's "heart of the staff suffering" work requirements, the enterprise management department's exhaustive grasp of the physical and mental condition of the staff and the site of the summer cooling measures, organization of the restaurant to provide free green bean soup, purchase, and delivery of watermelon, patchouli, cold drinks, and other cooling supplies, for the staff fighting in the front line of the supplementary energy, morale, and urged We do not work with illness or injury, do a good job of self-protection, drink more water, prevent discomfort, and avoid heat stroke.


Early in the morning every day, tricycles full of watermelons are ready to go, ready to be sent to the front-line workshops. For many years, Yongyang Special Steel has insisted on providing about 12,000 patties of freshly picked local watermelons of GaoYao to its employees every day in summer, which are fresh, tasty, and refreshing, and bring a touch of summer coolness to every employee who sticks to his post.


At the site, every one helped to unload the trucks and load the baskets and received the watermelons in an orderly manner. Although the weather was hot, everyone was full of energy.


When the workers held watermelons in their hands, each face was full of bright smiles, and everyone felt friendly and warm, thankful for the company's care and enjoying the coolness under the scorching sun.


Every day at noon, the staff restaurant cut the watermelon early and loaded the plate, for the staff to cool down the summer heat! As soon as the break time came, employees came from their respective posts to taste the delicious local watermelon.


Each production plant's refrigerator stored a sufficient amount of ice cream, which we can take free of charge, each freezer inside the ice cream after the staff will be timely replenishment, eating cold and refreshing ice cream, the worker's hot hearts cool up.

Seeing true love in the smallest detail, green bean soup comes to relieve the heat. The company purchases green beans and sugar in advance, sets up green bean soup self-service counters in each staff restaurant, and makes use of the gap before lunch to make green bean soup for free consumption by workers.


Yongyang Special Steel also gave each employee patchouli, watermelon cream, and other kinds of summer medicines, in case of emergency, to prevent heat stroke, so that everyone from the heart really feel the company's care.


Drinking water, not forgetting the hard work and health of the staff. Yongyang Special Steel has high-quality development at the same time, but also pays more attention to, cares about the staff's work and life, and strives to create a warm and comfortable working and living environment for the majority of employees. Every bit of effort and change, the staff see in the eyes, and remember in the heart, not only improve the staff's happiness index, but also enhance the sense of belonging, more encouragement, and improve cohesion, so that the staff in a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere of work, life.


Say thank you, send a cool, add care. Although a moment of coolness is not enough to dispel the entire summer heat, but this coolness and care, greatly encourage the morale of the staff, for the company to complete the summer production tasks, to ensure safe production, and provide an effective guarantee.


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