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What Are The Characteristics Of The Four Welding Methods Of Rail?

May. 21, 2021 Share:

According to the Steel Rail Supplier, there are many professional Steel Track welding companies now, specializing in providing first-class rail seamless rail welding tasks. There are four types of rail welding methods: arc welding, air pressure welding, flash welding and aluminothermic welding. These four welding methods have different characteristics.

Steel Rail

Steel Rail

1. The new arc welding methods are: forced forming arc welding, automatic narrow gap active gas shielded welding, etc. Studies have shown that the static bending, drop weight, fatigue and mechanical properties of rail arc welding joints all surpass that of aluminium thermal welding joints, which is close to the joint performance of flash welding and air pressure welding.

2. There is no casting structure in the gas pressure welding zone, the temperature gradient of the joint is small, the crack sensitivity is very small, no high-power PowerPoint is required, and it is mainly used for joint welding on site.

3. The GB Standard Steel Rail Manufacturer pointed out that flash welding is currently widely used. Depending on the welding process, rail flash welding can be divided into intermittent preheat flash welding and continuous flash welding, of which continuous flash welding is better than intermittent flash welding. More energy-saving, process stability and joint reliability.

Flash contact welding, this welding method is mainly used in various welding rail factories, because the welding in the factory can ensure the welding quality of the rail. When welding in the factory, the 100m long fixed-length rail is usually placed in a specific machine (as shown in the figure below), and then heated according to the thermal effect principle of current. When the rail is heated to a plastic state, it is given at a very fast rate extrusion. The advantage is that the steel rail welded by this method has the same strength as the base material, and the surface is smooth and easy to form. The disadvantage is that this method has certain limitations and can only be used to weld rails in the factory.

4. Thermite welding does not require a power supply, the equipment is simple, the welding speed is fast, the processing cost is low, and it is particularly suitable for field operations in the field.

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