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Inherit Filial Piety, Charity and Carry Forward Traditional Culture-YONGYANG CULTURE

Dec. 28, 2022 Share:

传承孝德慈善 弘扬传统文化

发布时间:2021/12/18 17:34:04






Inherit Filial Piety, Charity and Carry Forward Traditional Culture-YONGYANG CULTURE

Released on: December 18, 2021 17:34:04

On December 18, the Handan Filial Piety Association's "Public Welfare Figures Calendar (Taiwan Calendar)" release ceremony was held in Yongyang Hotel. More than 50 people, including some retired leaders, heads of ten major bases and ten philanthropic figures, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Du Qingshen, the honorary chairman of Yongyang Special Steel Group, delivered a speech. Xu Gaosheng, the chairman, made a work report and issued a calendar to Du Qingshen and other advanced units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of filial piety this year. Later, philanthropists from different industries and departments elaborated the significance and perception of filial piety from different perspectives.

Today is not only the release ceremony, but also the summary and review of the whole year's work. Over the past few years, Handan Filial Piety and Mercy Association has made its own contribution to the relief of the needy groups and the promotion of traditional Chinese culture by a group of people, one mind, one goal, and together. It has accumulated small kindness for great virtue, demonstrating the demeanor of Handan philanthropists.

Looking forward to next year and the future, Handan Filial Piety Charity Federation will gather charitable forces to make greater contributions to rural revitalization and development of Handan.

God will bless those who do good deeds. I wish the enterprises and organizations doing filial piety cause prosperous and prosperous, and I wish all the philanthropists a safe life!









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